Business Profile

L.B.C. Consulting Services is a federally incorporated company founded in 1981. Helping to achieve your business objectives is the purpose of our organization:

• Market characteristics
• Competitive environments
• Online Studies

• "Trouble-Shooting"
• Strategic Business Planning
• Feasibility Studies

• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Executive Search
• Evaluation of Distributors

The past decade has been characterized by intense global competition – competition which can only be expected to increase over the course of the next ten years. In such an environment, business success will depend on effective management, knowing the marketplace, developing the right products and strategies, and executing the strategies in an effective way.

Our mission as management consultants is to provide expert support to Companies that are seeking to improve their performance.

We have an extensive knowledge of business conditions as well as many years’ experience. The professional assistance we offer will prove a valuable resource towards achieving your objectives.

Our role as advisors involves interaction with clients in three major areas –Marketing Research, Strategy and Implementation

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