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Sector Specific Experience

LBC has undertaken Projects in any number of industries over the years. The company has not specialized in any one sector; preferring instead to hire and train expert marketing coaches, market researchers, and developers of efficient strategies, than experts in a given industry. All of our staff members have the ability to rapidly & effectively assimilate information, as is necessary in order for them to be able to work with clients across a broad range of industries, and to be able to quickly understand the people, products and technologies involved.

Notwithstanding our stance regarding vertical specialization, over the years, our professionals have acquired extensive experience in such areas as:

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Business Services

Bates Advertising, Bégin & Associates Advertising, Centre de Recherches Contemporaines, Consultech Canada, Cossette Associates, DHR and Associates, Foster Advertising, Graphicartes, Grey Advertising, Insulator News & Market Report, Intermedia A.V. Inc., International Bus. Directories, J.Walter Thompson, Kitching Advertising, MacLaren Advertising, McKim Advertising, MHM Advertising Consultants, Palm Lintos Advertsing, Service d'Edition M. Cieri, Sky Communications, St. Alexander Advertising, Harold D. Stolovitch & Associates Ltd.

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Construction & Building Products

Construction Sector

In the construction sector, former clients include:
E. Pihl & Son A/S (Build-Operate-Turnkey Engineer/Contractor), Cadillac Fairview (property developer), Canderel Inc. (property developer), C.E.M. Group (consulting engineers), Suss Woodcraft (manufacturer and installer of high-end custom store fixtures and architectural woodwork projects), Tanaco Inc. (architectural curtainwall), and Zimmcor Company (architectural curtainwall).

Building Products Sector

In the building products sector, former clients include:
Alumina Inc. (custom railings), ANG Commander (electric heaters), Aquanar International (plumbing fixtures), Blücher Metalvare (floor drains), Canadian Erectors (steel), Can-UV Coatings Ltd. (water-based UV coatings), Prodex (cabinets, machining), and Thermactive Systems Inc. (cooling).

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Consumer Products

Close to 10% of the 300+ companies that comprise LBC’s former client list have been consumer product companies, with product lines as diverse as toys, electronics, small appliances and bathtubs. For example, Aquarius Services & Technology (whirlpool baths), Best Foods (peanut butter, mayonnaise, etc.), Brown's Shoe Shops (shoes), Burlington Cameo Pantyhose (pantyhose), the Gazette (daily newspaper), JPL International (beauty salon products), Laurentian Group (banking, insurance), Lublec (SFR Québec) (roller blade lubricants), Marervision (eyeglasses), Metro Richelieu (supermarkets), MotoSport Plus (motorcycles), Papineau Mechanical & Tire Centre (garage, tire retailing), Provigo Inc. (supermarkets), Reader's Digest (consumer magazines), Sanyo Corporation (consumer electronic products), Standard Life (insurance), Sternz Rhapsody (restaurant), Teledirect (Yellow pages), A.L. Van Houtte (café-bistro), Via Rail Canada Inc. (passenger rail travel), and Zack's Frozen Yogurt (frozen confections).

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Cultural Products

Former clients of LBC include AVEBE Industierna (Christmas ornaments), Gotzens Bedos Glass Inc. (stained glass windows), IFÖ Ceramics AB (porcelain), iittala (high-end Finnish glassware), Marimecko (designer linens), Mats Jonasson (art glass), the Canadian Museum of Civilization and IMAX Theatres.

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Finance & Insurance

Aberback Lapointe & Associates, Aetna Life & Casualty, Business Development Bank of Canada, Laurentian Group, Liquidity Solutions, National Bank of Canada, Star Capital, Standard Life

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Food Products

LBC has been hired from time-to-time by the United States Department of Agriculture to investigate particular markets in Canada in an effort to help American companies locate and form alliances with Canadian companies. This was done six times. Five of the six Reports prepared in this regard are posted on the web site of the U.S. Department of Agriculture:


Select Option 3, “Search by AGR Number”. We have written the following reports: CA3006, CA2125, CA2124, CA2078, and CA2075.

In addition to the Reports we have prepared for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, LBC has extensive food industry consulting experience, including e.g. asian-style food, beer, bottled water, cheese, corn oil, dairy, digestants, donuts, food ingredients, frozen foods, frozen orange juice, frozen vegetables, institutional foodservice, mayonnaise, nutritional supplements, pasta, pasta sauce, peanut butter, pudding, restaurants, retail food, seafood, and snack foods. Some of the projects that contributed to this experience are summarized below:

  • For the State of Florida, provided critical market information that enabled the successful launch of frozen orange juice into Canada
  • For a Canadian manufacturer of pasta sauce, investigated the opportunity to present the product in glass jars as opposed to cans
  • For a Danish Multinational, conducted a search for, and evaluation of alternative sites to locate a food ingredients production plant in North America
  • For a Canadian manufacturer of pasta, reported on the opportunity related to producing a line of protein enriched pasta
  • For an Italian Pasta manufacturer, identified suitable distributors for Canada and the U.S.
  • For a Canadian manufacturer of peanut butter, provided market tracking information over a three year period
  • For a Danish manufacturer of plastics products, conducted an overview study regarding the packaging of frozen vegetables in Canada
  • For a Canadian manufacturer of corn oil, measured consumer reaction to health issues with regard to the different types of table oil
  • For a Norwegian manufacturer, conducted a market study for vitamins, minerals, and food supplements in the U.S., and an assessment and projection of future trends for nutritional supplements in the U.S.
  • For a Canadian manufacturer of mayonnaise, conducted consumer taste tests comparing mayonnaise to salad dressing
  • For a Finnish company in the dairy industry, prepared an evaluation describing a suitable distributorship network for Canada
  • For a Canadian manufacturer of desserts, obtained consumer reaction to individual size packaged pudding
  • For a Danish manufacturer of specialty cheeses, provided an evaluation of the Company’s marketing & sales results in the United States
  • For a Canadian manufacturer of beer, worked on taste tests, new brand introductions, advertising recall studies, label changes and price sensitivity studies
  • For a Canadian bottler of water, prepared an evaluation of the local market
  • For a French manufacturer of Digestants, recruited a suitable Distributor for Canada

In addition, Steve Letovsky was involved with Canadian Farm Surveys, a company that specialized in data collection with Canadian farmers. This company was affiliated with the research company that Steve worked for in the 1980’s. Steve helped develop the data collection forms and assisted in tabulation of the data.

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Government, Education, & Associations

Canada Post Corporation, Canadian Automobile Association, Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Concordia University, CRTC, Dawson College, Canadian Department of National Defence, Education Québec, External Affairs & International Trade, Finnish Trade Commission (Finpro), Florida Department of Citrus, Industry Canada, McGill University, Molson School of Business, Montreal Board of Trade, Canadian Department of Oceans & Fisheries, Supply and Services Canada, Telecom Canada, Tourism Québec, United States Dep’t of Agriculture, Ville de Saint-Laurent

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Information & Communication Technologies

Communications Sector

In the communications sector, former clients include Satel (a leading Finnish manufacturer of radio modems), Bell Canada (for whom we have undertaken at least five projects over the years), Positron Industries (Positron has more than 25 years of experience in the Emergency 911 business, and is N. America’s leading supplier of call-taking equipment with a market share of ± 35%) and TIW (Telesystems International Wireless). Other communications technology clients are Cellcom Communications, the Canadian Marconi Company, Telecom Canada, Teledirect, and Viatel CommCorp.

Information Technologies Sector

In the information technologies sector, we have had clients in both the software and hardware sub-sectors, including e.g. Accellink Technologies (KVM Switches), Access Experts (Accounting Software), Info-Electronics Systems Inc. (weather forecasting software and hardware), CGS Microtechnologies–USConnect (solutions provider), Les Logiciels Culi (software), Infinite Loop Inc.(scanning technology), Logo Computer Systems (software), Orange Digital Systems (human resources software), Solutions Progipac Inc. (French ACCPAC), Topsil Semiconductors (computer chips) and Wise Software Solutions Inc. (solutions provider).

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Life Sciences

Our life-sciences clients have included life-sciences firms in virtually all sub-sectors of the industry. Former clients include:

Abbott Laboratories, All Marketing AG, Atien Enterprises Inc., Avant-Garde Cosmetics Inc., Avon Canada, Beiersdorf (Canada) Ltd., Berlex Canada Inc., Bromatech Inc., Burroughs Wellcome, C.E.V.A., Canadian Medical Research Associates Inc., Centre de Recherches Contemporaines, Cimabrex Pharmaceutical Factory Ltd., Collett-Marwell Hauge A/S, Datex Medical Instrumentation, Dormer Laboratories Inc., E.R. Squibb & Sons, Electromed International, F.M.A. Renouard-Larivière, F.W. Horner Inc., GEA A/S, Health & Welfare, Helene Curtis, Holmvall International Trading Corp., I-MED Pharma Inc., IMS, Johnson & Johnson, Johnson & Johnson Corp., Keane Jr. & Cie., Marervision, Mead Johnson, Merck Frosst, Modulohm A/S, Nordic Laboratories, Novo Nordisk, Pfizer Laboratories, Pharma-Plast International A/S, Pharma-Vinci A/S, Physico Ltd., Premier Steriles, RFSU Rehab AB, Rhone Poulenc Pharma Inc., Rougier Inc., Saltrates SA, Sanofi Animal Health Inc., Schering, Secipe, Div. of Sanofi, Smith Kline & French, Solpar, Spinex Medical Technologies, Travelite Corp., and Webber Inc.

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Approximately 45% of the 300+ companies that comprise LBC’s former client list have been manufacturing concerns.

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Air Canada, Air Canada, Express Cargo Div., Air Transat, Canadian Automobile Association, Colley Motorships Inc., Fritz-Starber, Jetsgo, Papineau Mechanical & Tire Centre, Via Rail Canada Inc.

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