Immediately following its incorporation in 1981, the Company joined forces with another young consulting firm. During the 1980’s and early 1990’s, the resulting joint venture operated as the Zimmar Consulting Partnership and specialized in helping European clients, particularly those from the Nordic countries, to enter the North American market. During this period, Zimmar Consulting grew from a 2 man business providing marketing research services, to a 14 person organization offering a full range of management consulting services to the international business community. However, by the early 1990’s, the cohesiveness of the original joint venture was beginning to suffer under the strain of unremitting international travel and the constant need to find new consulting assignments to sustain the organization. Finally, in 1994, it was decided to abrogate the joint venture and the Zimmar Consulting Partnership effectively became L.B.C. International Consulting Services. Today, all of the Company’s international consulting work is carried out under the L.B.C. International Consulting Services banner.

During the same year, a new Partner joined the firm with a view to providing marketing research services to local Canadian firms. In time, as the Company began to realize more and more successes in its home market, it began offering additional consulting services that it had previously only provided to international clients.

Currently, the Company provides a full range of professional services consisting of marketing research, strategy, and implementation assistance to international and local clients alike. Together, L.B.C Consulting Services and L.B.C. International Consulting Services have worked with nearly 500 clients large and small, across nearly every industry sector.

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