Effective utilization of a firm's resources and people is the key to proper implementation of a strategy. Many companies face a challenge in ensuring that their business plans are well-executed and lead to the goals desired.

Our professionals will work with you to ensure the effective implementation of your strategies. The expertise we offer in this area includes:

Mergers & Acquisitions

The Active Search

Today, as a result of the growing interest in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), there are a wide range of organizations which provide assistance in this field: commercial and investment bankers; brokers; and a variety of so-called "M&A experts".

While all of these organizations generally have both financial and practical experience to offer, most of them lack an important element that is crucial to the future success of any acquisition. That element is marketing know-how. This expertise contributes to:

  • The ability to recognize the "strategic fit" or marketing synergy between the client and any firm which is being considered for acquisition;
  • The capability to more accurately project future sales and share performance of the acquired company, given market and competitive conditions;

The first benefit is critical in ensuring that the acquired company exactly fits the strategic objectives behind the acquisition. The second benefit is essential in negotiating a proper purchase price, reflecting current and expected future earnings.

In a nutshell, without marketing expertise, external organizations acting for the purchaser during the acquisition process can not provide the full support that is needed.

Our role in the acquisition process

Our approach to the acquisition process is unique in its emphasis on properly defining the corporate goals behind an acquisition and then on carefully selecting just the right target company to be approached. Throughout this process, beginning with our receiving an acquisition assignment all the way through to its successful completion, we utilize our experience and skills in ensuring that the acquisition satisfies all of our client's business objectives in North America.

In those situations where the client has already identified the company it wishes to acquire, our primary role is to professionally and confidentially conduct negotiations on the client's behalf. At the same time, our marketing expertise allows us to properly evaluate the future market prospects of the company to be acquired and this is vital in setting the right value on the acquisition.

In summary, as marketing professionals with extensive practical experience in international business and investment, we can provide clients with the complete support capabilities necessary for successful acquisitions in North America, including:

  • identifying potential acquisition candidates based on the criteria you supply as well as on your overall business objectives;
  • conducting financial, organizational and marketing analyses of candidates for acquisition;
  • acting on your behalf to open and conduct negotiations with the target company and leading to mutually-agreeable terms for the acquisition;
  • assisting you to integrate the acquired company into your existing operations.

Sale of a business and raising finance for business initiatives

L.B.C. International Consulting Services brings its extensive marketing research experience to bear when undertaking a search for prospective buyers/investors. These marketing research skills enable us to locate companies and/or individuals that are good prospects to acquire or invest in a given business – no matter where in the world they are located.

In a typical L.B.C. investor search, the process of identifying likely investor candidates - whether companies or individuals – may take as much as three or four months. During this period, we consult various information sources to which we have access, and use marketing research-based techniques to identify as many apparently-qualified prospects as possible. We then conduct a preliminary investigation to ensure that the prospects that have been identified are indeed valid ones, and obtain the coordinates of the decision-maker(s) involved (e-mail address, name, title, phone number, etc.). All of the relevant information that is gathered logged in a contact manager software database.

At the same time as a list of prospects from around the world is being assembled, we prepare the documentation that is required for the search itself. This documentation includes:

  • A “one-pager” or brief overview that provides more information about the acquisition or investment opportunity, for use when communicating with prospects requiring initial information
  • A Confidentiality Agreement, for use when prospects that have received the “one-pager” advise that they wish to investigate the investment opportunity further
  • A “Memorandum”: a multi-page document that is sent to those prospects that have signed the Confidentiality Agreement. The Memorandum succinctly presents basically all of the additional information that a potential investor needs in order to decide whether or not to enter into negotiations to purchase or invest.

From this point forward, the search process is basically governed by the level of interest the investment opportunity generates among the members of the prospect database. As indicated above, those who continue to be interested after receiving the “one-pager” are sent a Confidentiality Agreement and, finally, a Memorandum. All subsequent contact and communications with those who remain interested in the investment opportunity after having studied the Memorandum are strictly individualized and generally consist of responses to various specific questions that may be asked by the prospect.

Once all of a prospect’s outstanding questions have been answered, those that continue to be interested in the acquisition/investment opportunity normally themselves propose the next step – which is generally a trip to visit the business being sold. Our primary role at this juncture is to offer such assistance as may be required to introduce the prospective buyer to the would-be seller. During actual negotiations and throughout the due-diligence process we are available to assist our client (the seller) to consummate an agreement with any prospect we have introduced.

Executive Search

Strong performance in your operations requires qualified management. From time to time, you may need assistance in recruiting senior-level managers.

Our recruitment professionals will search for the managers you require. Through special evaluation techniques developed by our organization, we will carefully screen applicants so that only the right people are considered. Then, we will co-operate with you in selecting the best candidate for the requirements of the job.

Evaluation of Distributors

Many firms rely on appointing distributors to handle their products. Our professionals can assist you in this regard by objectively evaluating the performance your current distributor(s), or that of any candidates you may consider appointing as your distributors. If necessary, we are also able to locate, evaluate, and recommend candidates to act as your distributors.

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