Strategy involves doing the right thing in order to achieve sales and profit goals. For most firms, an effective strategy is often the difference between success and failure.

We can provide you with competent strategic counseling in a number of situations:


If your Company is encountering problems in the market, or is not entirely satisfied with the results achieved, our experience will be of great help.

Our consultants can conduct a thorough independent assessment of your business activities. We will examine your personnel and resources to determine how effectively they are operating within the marketplace. More importantly, we will evaluate existing strategies in the context of market conditions and the competitive environment. Where real problems do in fact exist, we will recommend corrective action and propose strategic directions better suited to the situation.

Strategic Business Planning

For those firms that find themselves dissatisfied with their current level of business success, we offer professional assistance in developing suitable business strategies to penetrate the market.

Our staff of strategic planners has many years of practical management background in addition to their extensive consulting experience. We are able to provide expert support in examining and evaluating possible strategic alternatives to select the most appropriate and profitable strategy for your firm.

We can also work with you and your staff to prepare a written Business Plan which reflects the Company’s market situation, the strategies that will be used to improve that situation, and the financial outcomes expected. Our Business Plans may be utilized to convey the Company’s strategic direction to employees, as well as to financial stake-holders such as banks, private investors, etc.

Feasibility Studies

Where strategy involves a major capital investment such as start-up of a new plant or manufacturing operation, our planners will assist you in obtaining necessary input so as to examine cost levels and compare different site locations. Our assistance in this regard extends to preparing projections of financial performance of the new operation, given market expectations and the strategic direction deemed appropriate.

Advanced Data Mining Techniques

LBC works with McGill Professor Emeritus Dr. G.A. Whitmore, to undertake complex data analyses and to execute data mining applications such as:

  • Propensity Modelling (e.g. cluster analysis, association analysis, sequential/temporal patterns)
  • Predictive Modelling (e.g. induction, classification, regression, neural networks)
Data mining is an effective strategic tool for such purposes as identifying profitable customers & acquiring new ones, retaining customers & increasing their loyalty, cross-selling and up-selling, understanding customer desires and needs, reducing the cost of promotions, and monitoring business performance.

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